Seeking virgin girl

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I have been looking for a relationship leading to marriage for quite a few years now.

Seeking virgin girl

I have not been able to find any Christian girls who are virgins. If I successfully get a date, as it moves along I am constantly disappointed to find out they have had sex with numerous men before. Any thoughts or suggestions? Yes, I am young, but I want to find the wife of my youth. And each year I am forced to wait, the odds of finding a woman who can wear white at her wedding drop more and more. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Thanks for your question. I deeply wish that more single people — especially those who profess to be Christian — lived out that conviction.

See, among other passages, Matthew ; Mark ; 1 Corinthians 6, ; 1 Timothy ; Galatians ; Song of Solomon ; Hebrews I know that idea may go without saying for most people who will read this, but there are a of cultures within the readership of Boundless in which cultural sexual standards are different for men than for women. The biblical standard applies to all and does not change with cultural preferences. In fact, in some cases, I have seen addiction to pornography cause as much or more harm to later marital relationships than a single sexual encounter directly involving another person.

Now, even with all that clearly said, I would ask you to consider two points.

Seeking virgin girl

If these ideas reflect your thoughts, I think Scripture teaches you are right on the first two but wrong on the third. For the good of your own soul and that of your future wife, I would encourage you to spend some time thinking about grace and forgiveness as you move forward in finding a wife. We may have committed different sins, but none of us was righteous Romans Once we repent of our sins and are in Christ, however, each of us is a new creation.

The old has passed away and the new has come 2 Corinthians The sin of premarital sex can be a tough one to get past, but it is not so egregious that it sets aside the biblical truths that apply to all of us as people who have been graciously pardoned of capital offenses against God.

I cannot say that you must make peace with marrying a woman who has had sex before. Despite what your friends are telling you, there are many godly women who are still virgins.

Seeking virgin girl

Also, sin has consequences, and it sometimes necessarily changes or precludes relationships. Just make sure that you are not sinning in your own thinking, or holding others to a standard you yourself could not bear. I will pray for you to have wisdom and grace as you look for a wife to serve Ephesians Scott now lives in the Louisville, Ky. All singles — not just Christian singles — struggle to meet new people. Here is a list that might give you some ideas of where you can meet people. But you will need to go against the grain of your culture. Are these common but unhelpful statements stalling out your dating life?

Here are 10 Christian dating myths debunked. About Us Meet the Team Menu. Where can I find a virgin girl to marry? June 11, by. Scott Croft. I've been checking off the various boxes over the years to become a better mate, yet I cannot seem to find any girls of marriage potential. Question I have been looking for a relationship leading to marriage for quite a few years now.

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Seeking virgin girl

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