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Vital for taking current photos of visitors, lost and found objects, company assets, packages etc, all of which are easylobby snapshell using the SVM application. Your Review. Also fixes imports for Clearance and Lost and Found into.


Fix so that the site selector dropdown on the toolbar is limited to the specific site when the logged in user account is limited to a single site. Fix problem with Reasons dropdown where it did not respond to the setting in Edit Program Options to set the first reason as easylobby snapshell default. Fixes when going directly to PreRegister. Fixes going directly to FileUpload.

On Manage Approvals screen, Adds Notes button and subsequent notes page for editing visitor notes. Add checkbox option to Admin Product Config on Approval tab to require approval when a visitor registration easylobby snapshell the watch list. Add options to Admin Product Config on Approval tab to enable email messages to employee when visitor is approved or denied. easylobby snapshell

Add option to Admin Product Config on Prereg tab to hide watch list match information and just present a simple message instead. Fix when Authentication Method easylobby snapshell set to No Authentication, the Admin menu was not visible, now fixed. For Easylobby snapshell application, allow users with self registration permission to log in and grant them operator permission during the use of the satellite application. New installer includes Authenticate utility v Fix max days validation, it was allowing one extra day for individual and group registration.

Fix error in View Registrations when easylobby snapshell a returning visitor registration that has a photo, it got an error in DeleteAllImages for conversion of Guid to String. Internal rewrite to improve thread-safe behavior and eliminate web site crash introduced in Fix problem when "Check for Duplicates" is deselected, the import overwrote each imported record so that only the last record was imported. For visitor badges, add Employee field variables for group, region and user defined 3 - 6.

Fix problem in access control integrations after employee delete in SVM, the easylobby snapshell visitor record deletions were not being processed. Fix query error when checking in visitor that has more than one previous visit record that is not checked out and the option is set to warn if previously checked in. In self registration wizard, fix runtime error when selecting returning visitor linked to employee. easylobby snapshell

sony nw-e002 mp3 walkmanSnapShell Driver’s License / Business Card Scanner (for use with EasyLobby Solo or EasyLobby SVM)
compaq 6715s dvdEasyLobby Software System Description
logitech ex110 cordless keyboard and mouseSnapShell Driver’s License / Business Card Scanner (for use with EasyLobby Solo or EasyLobby SVM)
mf6680dn scannerVisitor Management
garmin 76csx usbVisitor Management

Fix error opening asset loan form when there are current visitors checked in. Add support for fingerprint scanning in self registration mode. Fix self registration mode so that grace period is used when looking up easylobby snapshell visitor records.

EasyLobby SVM Hardware

Fix returning visitor function to use easylobby snapshell period when matching current easylobby snapshell record. Clean up sex offender screening display when no match is found and option is set to display status, used to say denied party on the message box, now says sex offender screening. Reverse the efficiency cleanups in the code made in version Make Admin Product Config form a bit taller so email tab is not cut off. Fix default values in Admin Product Config, Email tab, for new group and visitor delete emails. Add separate email notification for group registration, body file ConfirmGroupEmployee.

  • ID reader - Snapshell
  • P/N EL-SS-PASSPORT from HID Reseller IDcardPrinterSavings
  • Visitor Management
  • EasyLobby SVM Hardware

In product config, add email settings easylobby snapshell group confirmation and visitor delete confirmation. Fix problem where required fields are not properly displayed.

EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management Software System

Efficient pre-registration When a user pre-registers a visitor, all of the included information is pre-populated into the EasyLobby server, the location of the visit, or any other relevant information. Pre-registration can even be configured to email the visitor important information such easylobby snapshell directions or a easylobby snapshell barcode. When the visitor arrives, the barcode can be used to instantly check them in and print their visitor badge.Install an Acuant ScanShell or SnapShell R2 device.

HID EasyLobby EL-CSS-R2 SnapShell R2 License/Card Scanner

Connect EasyLobby to the Easylobby snapshell Server or Oracle database. EasyLobby SVM is an enterprise level solution that can scale to meet a large customer base, and. CSS SnapShell R2 license/card scanner.

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