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Here's how bidding works:. According to theory, in a laminar flow all particles move in parallel tracks layers and in the same direction. In turbulent flows the exchange is macroscopic and detectable, because the main current is superimposed by additional components in x, y, and cambridge accusense atm2400 directions eddy-currents. The change from laminar to turbulent flow happens when the Reynolds Number reaches critical levels, which depends on a number of parameters such as shape and cross section of flow. Airflow in electronics cooling is usually very turbulent cambridge accusense atm2400 to fans, obstacles, and heat sources. Therefore, measuring velocities requires sensors that are capable of sensing accurately under such conditions, while minimizing further disturbance of the flow. For many reasons, thermal anemometers are the best tools available for measuring airflow in electronics cooling.


They have a fast response time and high sensitivity, allowing measurement of turbulence intensity. Thermal sensors are available with most standard interfaces, are very reliable, and relatively low-cost. Thermal anemometry is a method of determining fluid velocities by measuring the heat cambridge accusense atm2400 rate from a heated small object like a wire, film, or thermistor located in the flow. The rate at which heat is removed from the sensor is directly related to the velocity of the fluid flowing past the sensor. Kept at a constant temperature above ambient, the device is cooled by passing air.

The power required to maintain a constant temperature is then used to calculate the air speed. Thermal anemometry is a flexible, accurate, and almost entirely automated method of flow measurement. It can be applied to nearly any flow, where the physical presence of a sensor does not adversely affect the current, or where contaminants in the flow do not damage the sensor. It is particularly appropriate for applications requiring rapid response to flow changes turbulence measurementsand where cost limitations are a factor. Heated anemometers are best characterized by the heat transfer rate, which describes the heat loss dependent on multiple cambridge accusense atm2400 temperature, pressure, content of gas, and nature of flow. Not all of the above have the same influence on measurement, but each one should be considered to achieve accurate readings.

Airflow/Temperature Test Equipment has multi-channel design.

Temperature: Thermal anemometers require temperature compensation because the heat transfer rate depends on the temperature differential between the heated sensor and ambient air. The greater the temperature differential, the greater the heat loss cambridge accusense atm2400, consequently, the greater the signal. However, a hot device can also alter the nature of the flow by adding heat, or causing warm air to rise. Below standard pressure mm Hg, Above standard pressure, additional cooling is provided due to an increased number of molecules, and the heated sensor would read high. Heated anemometers therefore need to be pressure compensated.


Content of gas: Thermal anemometers usually are cambridge accusense atm2400 for air in human environments. When such a sensor is used with gases different from room air, the calibration might no longer be accurate due to different heat capacity and heat transfer rate of the medium.

C Port Degree Controls, Inc.

Aggressive chemicals could damage the probe, and deposits on the probe cambridge accusense atm2400 may alter aerodynamics and affect the accuracy of readings. Humidity does not necessarily change heat transfer rates significantly. However, water condensing on the sensor can cause calibration errors. Nature of Flow: Air forced through tight openings or nozzles shows different characteristics than a current moving along a straight duct.

Fans can generate heavily turbulent flows in a corkscrew-like pattern even far downstream. Components on a circuit board or obstacles in ducts are cambridge accusense atm2400 to redirect flow, which tends to follow the path of least resistance. Rapid pressure changes are likely where gases are forced through nozzles, tight cambridge accusense atm2400 or close to fast-turning fans. Air is a compressible medium, and due to its invisibility may exhibit unforeseeable behavior that could affect readings of thermal anemometers. It is therefore always advisable to verify results.

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Unless an anemometer is compensated for this, it will be correct only at the temperature at which it was calibrated. Please feel free to contact us at sales artisantg. cambridge accusense atm2400


All rights reserved. Supported products: WindowsWindows XP. Supported languages: English. The photos show the exact item s the buyer will receive.ATMe Airflow & Temperature Measurement System Full compatibility with any of our Cambridge Accusense USB Sensors cambridge accusense atm2400 Velocity, Temperature. Cambridge AccuSense ATM Sensor Device.

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