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AN1020 25 DRIVER

We have provided these links to other web sites because they may have information that would be of interest to you. To avail the best signal and network connectivity, make sure you keep your FiberHome AN router an1020 25 and not facing the wall or behind the curtains. You may want to follow our guide called How To Reset your Router. If this is the first time that you set up a wireless network device, read the following an1020 25. The access point can be placed on a shelf or desktop, ideally you should be able to see the LED indicators in the front, as you may need to view them for troubleshooting. Designed to go up to meters indoors and up to meters outdoors, wireless LAN lets you access your network from anywhere you want.

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However, the numbers of walls, ceilings, an1020 25 other objects that the wireless signals must pass through limit signal range. Typical ranges vary depending on types of materials and background RF noise in your home or business. For optimum range and signal strength, use these basic guidelines.

Keep the numbers of walls and ceilings to the minimum: The signal emitted from wireless LAN devices can penetrate through an1020 25 and walls. Position your wireless devices so that the number of walls or ceilings obstructing the signal path is minimized. Consider the direct line between access points and an1020 25 A wall that is 0.

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At a 2-degree angle, it appears over 14 meters an1020 25. Be careful. Building materials make difference: Buildings constructed using metal framing or doors can reduce effective range an1020 25 the device. If possible, position wireless devices so that their signals can pass through drywall or open doorways.

AN1020 25 64BIT DRIVER

Avoid positioning them in the way that their signal must pass through metallic materials. Poured concrete walls are reinforced with steel while cinderblock walls generally have an1020 25 or no structural steel.


Position the antenna for best reception: Play around with the antenna position to see if signal strength improves. Some adapters or access points allow you to judge an1020 25 strength of the signal. Use a ballpoint or paperclip to gently push down the reset button. Remember that this wipes out any settings stored in the flash memory, including user account information and LAN IP settings. The device settings are restored to the following factory defaults: the IP address is It is recommended that you configure the WAN connection using a single computer, to ensure that both the computer and the Router are not connected to the LAN. This chapter is concerned an1020 25 using your computer to configure the WAN connection.

The following chapter describes the various menus used to configure and monitor the Router, including how to change IP settings and DHCP server setup. Check the communication as follows. Configure the IP address of the PC as Note: When you manage the Modem through Web, you must keep the Modem power on. Click the Advanced Setup link. Click on NAT. This function is applicable for: Users who want to use a special-purpose Internet service, such as an on-line game or video conferencing program, that is not presented in the port forwarding list and for which no port range information is available. Users who are not an1020 25 with security and wish to expose one computer to all services without restriction. Note: A DMZ host is not protected by the firewall and may be vulnerable to attack.

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This may also put other computers in the an1020 25 network at risk. Hence, when designating a DMZ host, you must consider the security implications and protect it if necessary.


You can set up a client in your local network as a so-called DMZ host. Your device then forwards all an1020 25 data traffic from the Internet to this client.

Simple Fiber Home AN Router Port Forwarding Guide

You can, for example, operate your own Web server on one of the clients in your local network and make it accessible to Internet users. As the exposed host, the local an1020 25 is.

Enable this function only when necessary for example, an1020 25 operate a Web server and when other functions for example, port forwarding are inadequate. In this case, you should take appropriate measures for the clients concerned.

FiberHome AN1020-25 Router – How to Reset to Factory Settings

By default, the firewall is enabled. It an1020 25 as a safety guard and permits only authorized documents to be sent to the LAN.The wifi login username password for FiberHome AN The FiberHome AN router is considered a wireless router because it offers WiFi connectivity. WiFi, or simply wireless, allows you to connect various.

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