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EQ is 4-band and fully parametric, with each band capable of sweeping from 31 to 19k Hz. Low and high bands may be changed to tascam dm 3200 or filters, in which case, the bandwidth control is grayed out. I found the EQ section very versatile, capable of creating subtle bumps, as well as surgical notches or peaks.

What you actually need to do is hold down the key in the bottom right-hand corner of the configuration-button array, labelled 'Alt'. That's fine once you know, but hardly intuitive! A further inconsistency is that two of the buttons don't have secondary functions and just have labels on a blue background, but you don't need to press the Alt button to access them! To compound the confusion further, the DM likes to be shut down in a specific way, and shows grumpy boot-up messages when you power the console up after shutting it down improperly. The issue here is that the desk doesn't automatically store changed library memories and automation data associated with the current project. Instead, you have to tell it to do so with explicit Tascam dm 3200 commands, or by telling it you want to shut the desk down. This is basically because Tascam have chosen tascam dm 3200 store all that project data on a removable Compact Flash card, installed underneath a rubber-covered slot on the top panel.

Tascam DM Digital Mixer for sale online eBay

tascam dm 3200 So, to shut the desk down you might reach for the Alt button mentioned just now since this has Shutdown written underneath it. I tried that and nothing happened, so I tried holding the button down for a few seconds and still nothing happened. On reading the manual I discovered that what I should have done was to hold down both the Shift and Control buttons on the left-hand side of the console, and then press the Alt key!

AUX Copying the channel pan and balance levels to the Aux pan and balance. AUX Copying the channel fader levels to tascam dm 3200 Aux levels. AUX The internal battery is defective, or has lost charge, so data can't be stored.


An attempt has been made to make an invalid fader group. Cannot create more than projects. CF Can't Copy. Please check CF status.

An attempt to copy bank data on a CF card has failed. The card may be full. Can't load project.

Tascam Ships DM Digital Console

Can't recall snapshot Preset 1-bbb The named snaphot preset cannot be recalled. Can't recall to this Module. This file is protected. Automation data can't be stored. Press ENTER to confirm, or a cursor key to cancel Shown when performing bulk setup of the channel pan and balance parameters. Ch1xx Tascam dm 3200 Library undo completed. Shown when undoing or redoing library operations. Shown when all grouping layers tascam dm 3200 to be cleared. Clear this fader grouping?

Shown when the currently selected fader grouping is to be cleared. Meaning Results of performing a word sync check. A clock source has been selected, but no signal is present. A valid clock source has been selected. A clock source has been changed, but the new clock is out of the permissible range. Digital tascam dm 3200 data error from AES card loss of word sync.

TASCAM Dm-3200 DM3200 Digital Mixer Recording Console

Information on a snapshot. Information tascam dm 3200 a preset snapshot. Snapshot redo completed. A snapshot redo operation is complete. A snapshot undo is complete. Snapshot Bank a-bbb recalled.The DM digital mixer from TASCAM features 32 full-featured channels and 16 returns for a total of 48 tascam dm 3200 at mixdown. By Hugh Robjohns.


Tascam DM Tascam's new channel digital console is an imposing sight, full of features and attractively priced. We get to grips with it .

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