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Your best bet is some sort of analog capture.

The end result should look like this in the Device Manager, with both devices installed under "Imaging Devices":. Might try getting a new box if I can ever get over my laziness about it Incidentally, I am now running it under Ubuntu 7. I switched after it stopped working. Changing channel via remote. motorola dcx3400 firewire

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The only channels that appeared to be available were the local networks, the live video portion of the TVguide and PPV preview channels, and the music channels with motorola dcx3400 firewire. Only works with one cable box: recordings revert to noise as soon as two boxes have been used. Shaw has concentrated their marketing efforts on the New Shaw Gateway box which has a higher resolution GUI and technically higher capacity and more flexibility then the Motorola DCX format — the only problem is the real life experience with the Shaw Gateway is falling far short of the expectations and marketing hype. Shaw believes the Gateway is a better looking and featured product to compete against Telus Optik TV and future offerings motorola dcx3400 firewire Bell — but truth be told the Motorola DCX series is a war horse and although not as pretty as the Gateway Gui wise is far more reliable then the problematic Gateway.

Thanks for your rapid response.

I really appreciate motorola dcx3400 firewire. Thanks again. Any way to enable this? Should I go back to regular video and audio connections like previous posts?

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Depending on your configuration that means there are a minimum of 27 different wiring setup configuration so the answer to motorola dcx3400 firewire question is not a simple one. This then leads me to the assumption that either the mute button is not programmed right for your TV or receiver or that one of these components is not configured correctly.


Of course without seeing your remote control, cabling and wiring set up this is only a most likely guess motorola dcx3400 firewire on average most common set up and may not apply to your situation at all. Start by troubleshooting motorola dcx3400 firewire mute button on the remote and make sure it is controlling the component you want it to ie: cable box, TV or receiver. Regular Standard Definition Channels are broadcast in i or p, some programs on the HDTV channels are also broadcast in i or p.


In order to get P or i motorola dcx3400 firewire p resolution you have to be on a channel that is broadcasting in i or p. If you are watching a channel in i or p for example the format button will allow you do down convert or down scale it to or to allow playback on older HDTV sets.


Same for example you have an older HDTV set motorola dcx3400 firewire is only P compatible, feeding it a P signal may result in no image since it cannot sync with the resolution being output by the cable box. In this case you would need to change the format button to P. Hockey games for example are usually i. Find out what channels are motorola dcx3400 firewire in HD by using the on screen programming guide. The firewire port on the Motorola boxes works in Windows as well. Roadshow Autos. Kodak BD-R.

Optical Quantum BD-R. Plex Disc BD-R.

Newest guides. How to capture anything with Obs Studio. Can I copy recorded shows on my dcx motorola pvr to a usb port.

Transferring video from HDPVR to another storage device

Anonymous 1. Better motorola dcx3400 firewire buy a card reader so as u can change ur memmory card to it an d connect to pc and then exchange files. User profile for user: mende1 mende1. Dos: Connect a 6 pin - 6 pin firewire cable from the DVR to the computer Tres: Make a recording from one of your local broadcast channels and motorola dcx3400 firewire play it back on the DVR. Once you have the resulting video file on your HDD you can slice and dice it whatever way you want. Item specifics. This is awesome. Any help would be great.

Motorola DCXM HDTV

Thank you. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance! Answers and advice from a geek who knows stuff.

Start Article.Transferring Recorded or Live Programs to a Computer[edit]. The cable companies have not motorola dcx3400 firewire the firewire output on the -- it was only intended to be. There are no 64 bit Win 7 firewire drivers for any cable box so that's why Win Now for the bad news: The Motorola DCX (and earlier DCX.

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