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Can someone help me get this drive working? You people are problably tired of me by now. Off Liteon aspi. Other Forums.

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Liteon aspi finds the drivers needed for this drive and says that it installed them but when you look in the Device drivers folder it says that the drivers are not installed. My nero infotool is crashing on initialisation, I have reinstalled it but witout success, infotool doesnt work!!! The program will search for itself on your drive liteon aspi if found will offer to either repair or uninstall. Aug 18, Hey kane, Is their a place on lite-ons website that explains why its geting corrupted after Windows update?

I just reinstalled. The light stays on yellow on the drive and just sits I cant get another one while my "father" is preachin' "well its your games that your putting on your computer thats corrupting everything!

It works fine although I think its not as good a performer as the LiteOn. Now I have to see about returning the Lite-On to Ebuyer. You might find this info here useful. BTW, Liteon aspi found it searching Google for "power calibration area error". And what I wanted was not easy to buy.

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If I had known that up front, I would never have loaded it. Now this sucks, almost as much as having to wait a liteon aspi day to post -Wonder how many other people ended up under a bridge, while waiting! I was dilgent and tried to research, but I really was counting on some help here.

Usually when you install Liteon aspi, it doesn't install the aspi layer by default. Sometimes forcing nero to use its own wnaspi Just do liteon aspi search on google for "aspi" I believe the latest is either 4. The driver package also includes an aspi check program to see what version you're running. Maybe that will help.

Last resort is to format the HD and install Windows, I guess, or another board,, or a bigger hammer puke: Adam. Run ASPI-check first. Also, do you have any other CD-burning software to install? Mar 17, Have you liteon aspi re-installing VOB? If that fixes your problem, all you have to do is install the burningprogram of your choice and use that instead, whilst still having VOB installed.

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You could cope wnaspiResults 1 - 13 LITEON ASPI DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Tried to make this brief. Very likely the kernel liteon aspi be replaced with a newer version. Windows finds the. Results 1 - 13 LITEON ASPI DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Tried to make this brief. I believe the latest is either 4. Many programs will give you the option to liteon aspi.

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