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InFocus X1 that I bought off ati all-in-wonder x1800xl eBay. Ati all-in-wonder x1800xl hardware-identical to the ScreenPlaywhich is a home theater model, just has a different firmware which balances colors differently. I could flash it with the 's firmware, but I'm happy with it the way it is. I'm not picky, so having the largest TV in the dorm is more than enough for me. Since when was x a standard res?

Still, x is pretty standard HDTV and should be supported by most new mid-high end cards with new ati all-in-wonder x1800xl. Heat dissipation Score: 3Insightful. I might add something to this: Heat is bad for the card, yes. Bad for the inside of the case yes. Adding fans controls is yes Over a few days it would become sweltering.

ATI Technologies All-In-Wonder X1800 Series Installation And Setup User's Manual

Getting the heat out of the case doesn't always get rid of t. Print page 1 Print document 60 pages. Cancel Delete. Wonder Mach Rage All-in-Wonder before A couple of other items were included with our sample as well, like a Remote Wonder Plus and obviously the card itself, but we'll show you those items a little later on. What we have pictured for you below, however, are all of the cables and dongles that will be included with the All-In-Wonder X XL. High quality multimedia Enjoy high quality video through vibrant and sharp images Easily watch, pause and record TV and FM radio with PVR features Capture, edit, and create your own personal movies or videos ati all-in-wonder x1800xl the input connections and software included Built in support for emerging technologies including H. Each of the All-in-Wonder Radeon cards is based on a Radeon chipset with extra features incorporated onto the board.

What made the card special was the fact it had a TV tuner built in. Alternatively, manually set these speeds to meet your specific ati all-in-wonder x1800xl.


Finally, the ATI Overdrive 3 aspect can be configured to run when the computer is booted or only when running 3D applications. OpenGL, DirectX 9.


So any chance we have Linux support out of the box? How can a hardware review be posted on slashdot without a list of compatible open source OS's?

Review: ATI All-In-Wonder X XL - First Hands-On Look - Graphics - - Page 3

Score: 3Informative. ATIs support ati all-in-wonder x1800xl linux has been a Myth. I personally haven't used an ATI card in years, but anyone who I talk to says linux support is still bad. Score: 5Insightful. NVIDia is barely better, what with their binary drivers which always seem to be one or more kernel releases behind the times.

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I do really! Major vendors appear to be so concerned about providing any insight to their hardware designs to their competition that they are forsaking a growing segment of the consumer market.

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Recent news regarding MS Windows "rootkits" showing up in heavily DRMed product should illuminate the dangers of reliance upon one convicted ati all-in-wonder x1800xl company "owning" a nearly ubiquitous portion of the market. Those companies that band together in support of a single platform risk alienating their consumer market when "extremely bad things" crop up to destroy that ati all-in-wonder x1800xl. I suspect that those most surprised will not survive. I know I'm a bit late on this discussion but the fact is that consumers are not going to "start voting in droves with their cash" for a long time to come.

DPReview Digital Photography.

Click to checkout or to view or amend items. You can read more about a version of the Remote Wonder from our review.

Ati all-in-wonder x1800xl made the card special was the fact it had a TV tuner built in. Switch to the Advanced view to manually adjust video overlay and choose a preferred viewing mode, such as Widescreen or Fullscreen modes. When a TV is detected using this method, it appears in the Displays Manager aspect and can be configured as required. All rights reserved.

This time around, the architecture supports Shader Model 3. Video Input Digital Video Format.Buy ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X Ati all-in-wonder x1800xl MB GDDR3 PCI Express (PCIe) Dual DVI Video Card w/TV-Out(s video to video, tv out, dvi port, vga port, with dvi. ATI ALL-IN-WONDER X XL - graphics card - Radeon X XL - MB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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