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Road Sense for Drivers Seat Belt Driving

One way you can prepare is by predicting what you would do. In this chapter, this is referred to as the What if? As you ride, roadsense for scan the riding environment, ask yourself what could happen and plan how you would react. When you use this strategy, you are pre-programming yourself to quickly and effectively respond to an emergency. Always be alert and ride using the See-Think-Do strategy. If you are alert to what you observe and make good decisions based on your observations, you will usually be able to take a riding action before an emergency develops. RoadSense Tip When faced with an emergency, there is no foolproof recipe for survival. The suggestions in this chapter are useful tips. To avoid getting into an emergency situation, remember to look and think ahead. If you nd yourself using collision avoidance often, you have a problem with your See-ThinkDo skills.

Collision Avoidance By always looking ahead and predicting the riding scene, you can usually avoid situations that call for quick roadsense for action. However, there are some situations that you cant avoid.

Road Sense for Drivers

If you nd yourself facing a road hazard roadsense for in danger of colliding with another road user, you can use three basic collisionavoidance techniques: braking, steering or accelerating. Braking Roadsense for Like a Rider You are riding straight through an intersection.

The van in the approaching lane is making a left turn, but the driver has plenty of time to nish the turn before you roadsense for the intersection. Suddenly, a pedestrian dashes into the crosswalk and the truck stops in front roadsense for you. Quickly, you check your mirrors.

Use Your RoadSense

roadsense for There is no one behind. What should you do? To make an emergency stop, apply both brakes quickly and smoothly, building pressure until you are at the point where the wheels are almost locked up.

Correctly using the brakes, particularly in an emergency situation like this one, can be difcult. Warning Roadsense for either tire starts to whine or shudder when you are braking, ease up. You are about to lock up a wheel this means that your wheel will stop turning and your bike will start roadsense for skid.

You need to apply both brakes smoothly, and quickly roadsense for pressure until you are at the threshold point where the wheels roadsense for almost locked up. This is sometimes called threshold braking. But if you apply too much brake, or if the road surface is less than ideal, you may skid or lose control. You look at the right shoulder of the road. It looks pretty soft and sandy not a good surface to ride on. When you nd yourself in a situation with more than one hazard, what do you do?

Use Your RoadSense

You need to gure out which hazard is the most dangerous. Which one requires action right away? What solutions can you think of? Roadsense for could:. As you think of possible solutions, predict the possible outcomes of each one. Here is a slowed-down version of what your thinking process might be:.

Speed control Roadsense for I slow down, is there room roadsense for the car to pull in front of the truck before it reaches me? Can I slow down quickly on this slippery hill?RoadSense for Riders Rules of the Road MV - Free download as PDF File.

roadsense for pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Road Sense for Drivers - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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